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last unicorn dead by KIARAsART last unicorn dead by KIARAsART
The last sotalia dolphin in captivity (outside South America)is gone. He died recently with circa 40 years.

40 years are belived to be a very old age for this species. Calculated upon size and physiology 30 years is the expected life span.

It is very sad that we are not able to keep animals like him in captivity successfully, only because we do not know enough about what they need essentially. He was the last one because all the rest died yet. And I think there was no zoo successfully ever breeding this species :(

So this death should remind us that there are a lot of species of whom we do not know much yet, and that further generations might never have the chance to know them, if we do not research more about the needs and behaviour of exotic animals which we take from the wild, and take more responsibility concerning breeding programms when we see the numbers in zoos are declining.


Species: Sotalia fluviatilis guianensis (Tucuxi/bufeo gris/ bufeo negro; Sotalia Delfin/ Tucuxi)
Info: [link] and red list info: [link]
Location: Zoo Münster, Germany

Status: Unknown, and that is never a good sign :(
It is endemic to South America. Human problems are fishing nets and pollution. In particular mercury poisoning of water due to gold-mining.

Extra: Although they live party in (freshwater) rivers they are real dolphins (not river-dolphins)/ The Guyana-Dolphin (S. f. guianensis) lives at the atlantical coast and between Nicaragua and Brasilien. The amazonas-Sotalia (S. f. fluviatilis) lives in the amazonas river. These are two different subspecies.

// Tucuxis are observed not to maintain good health and attitude in captive environments. The last one was Paco. He lived healthy to his end.
robynofbarnsdale Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012
sehr schönes foto eines sehr schönen tieres. leider konnte ich ihn nicht mehr live sehen, als ich letztes jahr das erste mal im zoo münster war.
Svenimal Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010   Photographer
Naja, unknown heißt vor allem: Da hat bisher noch niemand richtig geforscht. Ob es gut oder schlecht ist sei dahingestellt.
In Südamerika gibt es zuchten, jedoch bekommt man die nicht da raus, weswegen man die wohl nur noch da sehen kann.
Schönes Bild am Rande :)
KIARAsART Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010  Professional General Artist
In dem, und allen Fällen in denen Bedrohungen bekannt sind, aber der Bestand nicht erfasst wird, ist "unknown" ein fataler Zustand.

Gut das die Jungtiere erstmal in Südamerika bleiben, wenn man dort die Kenntnisse hat gut für die Art zu sorgen, und nicht in alle Welt verschifft werden um wieder nicht zu züchten.

Danke für die Blumen :)
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January 13, 2010
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