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Lesser Horseshoe Bat by KIARAsART Lesser Horseshoe Bat by KIARAsART
Species: Rhinolophus hipposideros (Lesser Horseshoe Bat; Kleine Hufeisenase)

Info: [link]

Lokation: Greece

Is one of the world's smallest bats. 5 to 9 grams, and a body length of 35-45 mm.

Like most bats, Lesser Horseshoe Bats live in colonies and hunt their prey by echolocation, emitting ultrasound from specialized round pads in their mouth.

The Lesser Horseshoe Bat eats small insects, most of which are gleaned from stones and branches.

Females give birth to one pup. Pups becoming independent at six to seven weeks of age. The bats hibernate during the winter months in dark caves.

It lives in warmer regions in foothills and highland, particular wooded areas or areas of limestone. In summer its habitats have been recorded up to 1160m above sea level, and up to 2000m in the winter (picture taken about 800m above seelevel).

This species is in decline due to a number of factors, including the disturbance or destruction of roosts, changes in agricultural practices (such as the increased use of insecticides, which reduce prey availability) and the loss of suitable foraging habitats.

World wide status: Least concern :)

The species has the ability to pick food up off the ground while still in flight, and indeed drinks during low-level flight or while hovering.

The funny shaped nose helps them concerning echodetection of prey and close environment.
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